ILT Delivers Competitive Advantage

ILT, throughout its history, has dynamically met the challenges presented by our customers in their greatest moments of need. Established in 1990, our function has been nothing less than providing solutions that enable mission critical systems to operate. Our customers' performance was predicated on the high-tech advancements ILT incorporated into their activities - cutting edge technology, enhanced productivity and providing cost-effective, state of the art systems that continue to be successful long after their initial deployment.

InterLinear means 'between the lines'. What defines "competitive advantage" isn't always obvious. Experience, knowledge and skill combined with the best practices and command of tools produces superior solutions.

BASF went to great pains in their public relations efforts to explain that "although they don't make the rubber and plastics we use everyday, they make them better". ILT develops custom solutions that are tailored to optimize performance. They allow easy migration from legacy systems to higher performing and more cost effective uses of data and communication architectures. Likewise, we didn't manufacture the technology infrastructure NASA employs, we made it better.

InterLinear Technology believes that success is achieved by sustaining competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is the product of applying unique abilities to solve problems and exploit opportunities. The key to high-performance is the exceptional symbiosis of people, processes, and technologies. Our focus is the achievement of competitive advantage for our customers, maintained by the meticulous deployment assets and resources. The ability to synchronize our abilities, experience, methods, perception and technologies into pinpoint focused efforts is what separates ILT from other high-tech providers.

Executives demand immediate payback from technology-dependent improvements that enhance or advance business processes. Managers must be able reap the benefits of rapid solution implementations immediately, without extensive staff retraining or having to purchase new stand-alone systems.

ILT is unique in addressing the complete business equation. Understanding the difficult formula that balances increasing revenues and quality enhancement against decreasing cost and time is key. Creative solution development is a product of the transferability of experience, coupled with understanding that you must meet your customer where they stand and not with any predisposition of where you want them to be.

For a decade, ILT has demonstrated its ability to understand the depth and scope of our client's problems, providing nothing less than dynamic solutions to demands for superior performance in a timely manner. Our customer's built their reputations as industry leading performers on ILT applications and services. We understand that ultimately, our solutions must conform to businesses most basic formula; they must assist our clients' efforts to reduce expenses and enhance productivity. In turn, this contributes to increased revenue regardless of core business.

ILT customers are world-class leaders who depend on our technology to serve their products and facilities without risk of obsolescence (i.e. very long life cycles). Serving our demanding clientele requires solutions that exceed international standards. Exceeding standards keeps our clients ahead of the competitive and technology trends thus ensuring true openness and the ability to accommodate an ever changing mix of software, hardware, networks and business practices.


Market Trends

"We started with the simple goal to provide the highest quality document management software, to furnish our customers with the most beneficial solutions in information technology that will yield healthy returns for years to come. From this start, we became enmeshed in organizing complex business processes in ways that are most cost effective. ILT's expertise allows us to analyze products and technology, to consult with clients on creating the future now."

-Dr. John Park, President and CEO






"Our approach emphasizes non-proprietary standardized open systems. We listen to our customers and design software products that can be used with all types of computers from PC's to mainframes. We make integration with existing database systems easy with off the shelf packages."

--Dr. Andrew Combs, Executive Vice President Engineering

Core Competencies

At ILT's core resides a multidisciplinary team staffed by computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, office automation specialists, research scientists, telecommunications specialists, and technical data specialists. They are supported by a highly capable executive team skilled at developing entrepreneurial strategies and practical world-class solutions.

ILT commits nothing less than its best talent to every project regardless of size or scope. The core management teams' total quality management focus is reflected in the internal systems it employs to enhance communication and interaction between ILT and the client. Our open, two-way environment results in the high-level objective feedback necessary to assure client-focused technological development and equally as important to detect and prevent misunderstandings. Continuity is assured by a high retention rate among the professional and management of our staff. In an age of high employee turnover and vertical corporate ladders, ILT's proudest accomplishment is that our core engineering and technical staff has only expanded and has had no significant staff departures.

Brainpower and experience combined with extraordinary work ethic produces high-yield results. Our international workforce and command over a number of spoken and technology development languages, sets us apart from other "technology" providers. We are an effective, interactive gateway for global technology transfer and take pride in accurately anticipating the market and its competitive trends.



Market Trends

"Our greatest asset is our high quality Technical and Product Development Team. Their knowledge and experience will advance your operations to high competitive performance with process improvements. Technology applications and tools that make a difference."

--Christopher Snowden, Executive Vice President Business Development

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