ILT will help you develop solutions to invigorate your sales and grow your business. ILT provides business solutions in:

System Integration
ILT has ten years experience in mission-critical system development.

Universal Middleware - AEDIS

Universal Middleware enables convenient, powerful, productivity enhancing applications that unite enterprise information with enterprise communications.

Next Generation E-Business Platform - AECOS

Our E-Business Platform is a complete platform for business process automation.

Application-Enabled Softswitch

As a world pioneer in the creation of a scalable Voice-over-IP Platform, ILT has now created an Application-Enabled Softswitch.

CALS Technology

ILT was heavily involved in the implementation and development of CALS Raster

The time has finally come. Corporations and consumers can no longer afford and have subsequently curtailed their yearly expenditure of billions of dollars for new software, hardware, services and technology.

In this new bottom-line driven technology environment, profitable opportunity exists for companies that can help corporate consumers meet their Information Technology (IT) needs without large capital expenditures, disruption of core operations, or intensive retraining requirements. In short, the new business model for technology companies is one that enables it's corporate customers to take advantage of the cost savings, enhanced communications, and improved efficiency its products and services offer without the having to lose focus of their core business or invest in expensive staffing or technology deployments.

Technology companies today must provide a strategy that helps their customers get full return on the investments in previous hardware and software purchases. Providing services that extend the effective life of technology products, and or enable them to integrate beyond their original design with other systems is the key to profitable operating in today's cost conscience landscape. In an era of consolidation and joint ventures, the ability to link mission critical systems without expensive hardware or timely staff training will command a premium. The ability to help companies convert their current communication and procurement systems into less expensive yet equally effective modern conduits will be sought after.

For the last twelve years, ILT has demonstrated it's ability to understand and succeed in the changing global IT landscape. Our company was created with an ability to solve problems resulting from our clients inability to customize large electronic data and communications systems to their needs. ILT's ability to deliver cost effective products and services to IT users in a timely manner, has been the hallmark of our tenure in business.

ILT has evolved from an Electronic Data Management Consultant to an industry leader in convergent communications for voice and multimedia services over telephony and data networks. Our business model seeks to monetize our years of experience as the primary innovators in converging content and communication networks by selling the fruits of that experience in the form of our new generation of products and services.

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