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Market Trends

In today's paperless, web enabled environment, companies must be able to migrate data across their networks and their partners organizations from various information repositories. They must be able to manage, revise and deliver data to users in an accurate, timely and accessible manner. Rapid and accurate access to business information lets enterprises evolve and adapt quickly to change. This creates a competitive advantage by allowing enterprises to stay on top of business trends, monitor and enhance customer and supplier relationships, discover new opportunities, and early problem detection.

Business enterprise relies heavily upon information and inter-personal communications. Recent technologies have enabled the creation of a new dimension of applications that flow from the convergence of the web and phone.

AECOS Overview

AECOS is the Next Generation Operating System. It enables ILT's clients to manage information in the ever-changing technology environment. It is an end-to-end (data to final user) system that incorporates and simplifies the latest stream of new information service applications into one manageable system. In simple terms, for purposes of management, it converges previously incompatible content hosted in different databases, legacy systems, disparate file systems, and old software applications with communications conduits such as PSTN and IP into one seamless operating system AECOS enables business process automation.

The core of AECOS is powered by ILT's AEDIS "Universal" middleware. AEDIS convenient and powerful, productivity enhancement tools make information transfer easy. At the same time it provides ubiquitous, universal access from web-browsers, land-line, cellular phones, and the multitude of new wireless devices entering the market. It enables rapid introduction of diverse functions for distributed applications such as document management, knowledge management, eCRM, contact centers, Active Messaging, Interactive Call, Fax Messaging and Financial Alert��etc.

AECOS can be thought of as a software orchestra for an indefinite variety of application "symphonies". These symphonies are built from existing communication and data architectures, and can endlessly incorporate new pieces represented by new partners systems or other applications. (see Fig.3). The operating system architecture basic framework incorporates agent ware, core services, presentation, access, and legacy components much as an orchestra has strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion.

The heart of AECOS is its communications infrastructure; much like the conductor it represents the heart of the orchestra, it has complimentary modes of request-reply (immediate action), and reliable queues (deferred action). The communications provides the conduit, much like a conductor's synchronization of the music from its parts. Each musician and their instrument represent the components in the grand framework. Designing and implementing applications is much like writing music and practicing it - components are used at different times, some not at all for some pieces.

Unified Communications Suite

The Unified Communications Suite ("AECOS/UCS") extends the communication application frontier beyond the previous boundary represented by unified messaging. AECOS/UCS consists of access groups and middleware modules, which provide open and scalable software platforms for converged PSTN, IP and wireless communications. These functions combine to provide voice, e-mail, and fax on both a static and proactive basis. Proactive communication provides real-time management and notification services, allowing individuals and companies to send a variety of messages to designated recipients for immediate response or action. The communication solution is nothing less than a virtual office in its capabilities, which include a variety of robust data storage, retrieval, and distribution controls.

The core of AECOS is powered by ILT's innovative universal middleware technology. AECOS is a synchronization of communications and content into a single platform that works with every communication device including the new generation of personal Data Assistants (PDA's), Internet enabled mobile phones, and PC's. AECOS provides control of the management information cycle from inception to delivery. It fosters easily accessible data transmission via the web and or phone (landline and wireless) from a single technology platform. ILT gives it client intelligent options by letting them control their most optimized use of PBX, VoIP, voice mail and e-mail infrastructures. In short in unifying a corporation's disparate legacy systems and databases in synchronization with its delivery conduits, ILT provides the first true "end to end solution" in business information systems technology.


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