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Market Trends

In the past, application platforms for information and communication have largely been separate and distinct. Recent technologies have created a new dimension of applications that stem from the convergence of web and phone. The key to harnessing this convergence within an enterprise is a distributed operating platform based upon ILT's "universal middleware". This middleware facilitates convenient, powerful, productivity-enhancing applications that merge information and content with a variety of flexible communication conduits.

Current middleware products; defined as the ability to link one application to multiple applications, have failed at providing "universal" answers to all infrastructure and software requirements. The majority of middleware products address only salient features of information infrastructure. For example, the middle-tier (via an application server), or the web-tier (via XSL, JSP or ASP, or java servlets), or inter-module communications (via CORBA, RMI or message-queue products), or database connectivity. Each of these "middleware" technologies amount to "raw materials" for an application. They require further adaptation or enhancement in the form of additional components, classes, and data models to fulfill their mission. In the midst of partial solutions, there exists a market driven demand for a "single" solution that can scale from local to global communications networks.

AEDIS Overview

ILT's AEDIS system has been the operating platform on which many of our client's mission critical systems have been run. Since its first deployment in 1990, our customers demanded nothing less than the most advanced system that was as reliable as it was long lived. The multinational corporations and governmental agencies that represent the majority of our clients, used AEDIS to facilitate their Information technology needs which in turn enabled them to service their facilities and operations worldwide.

AEDIS began as a document imaging and file management technology and it has since evolved into an advanced Master Control and Integration System facilitating global electronic commerce.

Since AEDIS's first deployment, it has evolved into a "Universal" middleware converging communications and content creating an eBusiness environment that is not constrained by the boundaries formally imposed by compatibility, connectivity, distance, or file structure. The linking of content and communication by our middleware results in a conduit that yields a new dimension of applications. AEDIS Universal Middleware enables rapid application development because of its highly reusable components. AEDIS's special architecture combines the various non-related "middleware" categories into one powerful a single platform.

Application management, configuration flexibility, data portability, integration expertise, revision control, system mirroring, and workflow management controls are the technology features that make the AEDIS operating system a superior solution. The resulting benefits of its integration into a client's system are increased productivity, quality and profitability. Efficient information management reduces time to market for new products, while improving maintenance and service response to customers. AEDIS ability to minimize design, manufacturing and production errors translates into significant cost savings. AEDIS transforms diverse mountains of information, imaging systems, data networks, domain-restricted applications, and paper into a coherent and seamless integrated information management solution.

At its heart, the AEDIS application generator layer enables our clients to evolve and expand their IT infrastructure to meet future requirements without expensive additions or new systems. It is AEDIS "Universal" middleware that provides the platform capable of hosting a wide variety of distributed systems applications, such as the Unified Communications Suite.

ILT solutions provide companies the ability to manage and control their information delivery systems effortlessly. By making data easily accessible via the web and or phone (landline and wireless) from a single technology platform our system delivers the next generation e-business platform today. Our technology gives our clients the ability to both enhance and rethink their current uses of PBX, VoIP, voice-mail and e-mail infrastructures. ILT's unique "application generator" technology ensures that that today's IT investments will hold their value regardless of mission or technology change. AEDIS scalability and flexibility provides a mechanism that allows products to incorporate future technologies for uses not anticipated today, in a cost effective and efficient manner.

AEDIS Universal Benefits
  • Customizable: Adapts to fit a particular technology and environment.
  • Flexible: Adapts to changing technology requirements and environments.
  • Integratable: Integrates current applications and legacy systems without customer disruption.
  • Intelligent Content Management: Manages distributed content, messaging, and communications.
  • Manageability: Controls complex, large-scale applications.
  • Reliability: Ensures that applications are always available.
  • Scalability/Openness: Creates an open environment for all customers, partners and users.
  • Security: Ensures confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Application Generator: Capable of quick, unlimited, in-house application development.
  • Converges Content (data) and Communications (conduit) regardless of format or conduit.
  • Single platform: Eliminates the patch-work networks, offering a one complete core for the management of information and its ensuing communication capabilities.
  • ILT's solutions provide our clients the flexibility they need to ensure that applications being developed and deployed today will deliver value now and in the future. Our applications and technology are geared to seamlessly operate over the Internet, Intranet or Extranet environments to solve problems and improve technology in an easy and efficient way.


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