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CALS is a strategy to achieve an Integrated Data Environment for the exchange of business and technical information among government and industrial enterprises.

"Corporations, Divisions, Departments working together simultaneouly, producing, manufacturing, designing, servicing or selling products over geographically different locations where all of the contractual, technical, manufacturing, service and sales data is exchanged electronically."

The following information outlines the growth and development of the CALS initiative as represented through the transformation of its name. It shows the move from defense and weapons techology and logistics to commerce and electronic communications of the information super highway.

1986 - Computer-Aided Logistic Support (CALS)
1988 - Computer-aided Acquisition & Logistic Support (CALS)
1990 - Computer-aided Acquisition & Life-cycle Support (CALS)
1992 - Continuous Acquisition & Life-cycle Support (CALS)
1995 - Commerce At Light Speed (CALS)


ILT has developed and supported the first true implementation of CALS and it's commercialization as the first COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) software in this area.

  • MIL-R-28002G Tiled Raster Image Format (TRIF) and
  • MIL-STD-1840B (Automated Interchange of Technical Information)
  • Developed the world's first ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation) compiler
  • Member of the Tiled Raster standard committee
  • Member of the CALS Test Network (CTN)
  • ILT supplied the CTN ( The U.S. Government's compliance testing network) with the Open Document Architecture (ODA) Tool.
  • ODA Tool incorporates the functions of: Conversion, Creation, Viewing and Evaluation of CALS MIL-R-28002B raster files.
  • ILT supplies MIL-STD-1840B Tape tool
For more information on ILT's experience with CALS, please download our .pdf file here or at the top of the page.


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