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TRIF-Vu is the premier raster format viewer for large format drawings and standard size documents. Now you have access to the technology used by NASA and the US Navy to share, view, and markup technical drawings in International Standard ISO/CALS formats.

Use TRIF-Vu to:

  • Support concurrent engineering
  • Expedite information exchange between platforms
  • View vital documents quickly on any platform
  • Reduce copying and distribution costs
  • Share comments using markup and redlining features


  • Pan, rotate, selectable zoom
  • Multi-layer, multi-color markup on color and bitonal documents
  • Markup can include "hotspots" for actions such as link to another document
  • Mirror, inverse image. Scale to gray mode for easy viewing of bitonal documents
  • Formats supported include: CALS, TIFF, JPEG, and BMP
  • International user interfaces, including Japanese and Korean

Combine TRIF-Vu with RasterMaker and you will have a complete package for information exchange. Now you can view and share your vital data with anyone regardless of the hardware they use, or the software that created the file.

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