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ILT's Trif Plug-in provides web browsers with the same world-leading raster format viewing for large format drawings and standard size documents that users of Trif-Vu have enjoyed for years. Now, from a web interface, you can view technical drawings (and associated redlines) in International Standard ISO/CALS (ISO-8813) and other formats.

Use Trif Plug-in to:

  • Support web-based concurrent engineering
  • Expedite information exchange between platforms
  • View vital documents quickly via web browser
  • Reduce copying and distribution costs
  • Collaborate on the web using markup and redlining features
  • Publish specifications and manuals on the web
  • Publish legacy documents (as scanned raster images) on the web


  • Pan, rotate, selectable zoom
  • Multi-layer, multi-color markup on color and bitonal documents
  • Markup can include "hotspots" for actions such as link to another document
  • Mirror, inverse image
  • Scale to gray mode for easy viewing of bitonal documents
  • Formats supported include: CALS, TIFF, JPEG, and BMP
  • International user interfaces, including Japanese and Korea

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