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RasterMaker is an MS-Windows print driver. Easily configured just like other print drivers, RasterMaker allows any application to "print" to a raster data format.

Use RasterMaker to:
  • Easily convert any printable file into raster format
  • Simplify information exchange between PC, MAC and Unix platforms
  • Enable faster network transmission using compressed raster formats
  • Reduce the cost of data interchange
  • Convert your documents into raster formats for editing in Photoshop and other popular graphics applications

RasterMaker can be used to create most common types of raster file formats, including ISO standard Tiled Raster Image Format (TRIF) files for cross-platform viewing and markup. Combine with TRIF-Vu and you have a complete package for information exchange, enabling customers to view and share vital data with anyone regardless of the hardware they use, or the software that created the file. RasterMaker can even output DCX (fax) format for direct export to fax machine or fax modem.

RasterMaker is fully ISO and CALS compliant, allowing files to be converted into a verifiable international standard format, so that legacy data can keep its validity over time.

RasterMaker Creates these Formats:
  • ISO-8613, Open Document Architecture
  • MIL-R-28002B, Type I (CALS)
  • MIL-R-28002B, Type II - TRIF (CALS)
  • TIFF
  • PCX
  • DCX (fax)
  • Sun Raster
  • VAX Raster

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