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Most of the world's mobile phone services are prepaid, which means the customer pays for the service before using it. Our research has found that phone card operations result in the company operating several expensive and inefficient non-core businesses.

1. Distributing, printing, and protecting prepaid phone cards.
2. Managing a large team of agents and sub-agents to service its existing prepaid card points of sale.
3. Unnecessary and risky cash handling.
4. An expensive Merchant commission structure at retail points of sale.
5. Fraud (unauthorized copies of phone cards) Smart Pay provides a means to reduce unnecessary costs, improving both the efficiency of mobile minutes sales and enhancing the customer's point of purchase opportunities.

As an evolution of the AECOS´┐Ż technology, ILT has created a M-Commerce application developed exclusively to replace telephony card services and their distribution channels worldwide. Smart Pay electronically links customers and retailers with service providers and banks to provide a system that supplies phone services, support and money.

ILT provides a closed loop data communication system (transmitted over either wireless or PSTN networks) that will allow virtual real time fulfillment and eliminate the need to handle cash or distribute, maintain, or print further prepaid cards. The system can be set up in two different fashions. The mobile phone customer can simply use their cellular phone to purchase additional minutes by dialing a number, entering a pin code and specifying the dollar amount desired. This way eliminates any inconveniences caused by middlemen, cards, cash handling etc.

Distributing merchants can also be provided with a point of sale (POS) terminal. This particular application will allow merchants to sell minutes of phone time 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. This terminal can be highly secure, having its own unique code that is transmitted during transactions, in addition to a merchant PIN number. Both of these systems create an electronic prepaid fulfillment service that provides the provider the incentive to eliminate distributing, printing and protecting phone cards.

At a closer look, there are hidden advantages that launch our system as a very cost effective M-Commerce venture. Smart Pay enhances productivity and flexibility while seamlessly eliminating losses.

  • It eliminates the need to have extensive layers of agents, subagents or employees to maintain the network of retailers therefore saving an average of twenty percent of the total revenue.

  • The mobile company gets paid in real time every time the customers or merchants buy the minutes.

  • It eliminates the twenty percent of revenue by printing the phone cards and the purchase of software that creates the accounts and tracks the activation codes.

  • Smart Pay can be deployed nationwide in the largest markets in 120 days.

  • ILT staff provides 24-hour, on-site engineering support for the duration of the contract and our subsequent working relationship.

  • We provide the complete IT infrastructure necessary for complete deployment and success of the project. That includes system and network integration between the mobile service provider, the bank and the merchant (when necessary).

Scalability and Revenue Opportunites
Smart Pay is projected to serve GSM Mobile phone companies located in seventeen markets throughout the Middle East. This system is presently configured to service 35,000 points of sale representing seven million subscribers. The systems' initial deployment was designed to attract a GSM/CDMA provider as an anchor tenant on the network and then market to other service providers (PSTN, Electric, Gas, retailers, Water, etc.) This model is guaranteed to increase revenue, lower costs and provide mobile phone providers a better understanding and control over their customer base. It's just that simple.

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