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EDMS is a records management system that involves integrating imaging and document management giving users quick and easy access to a wide variety of file types. Creating an electronic system of this capacity requires a flexible software system that will bridge the gap between paper and computers.

InterLinear Technology's AEDIS (Agile Electronic Distributed Information Solution) provides an Electronic Document Management System that make all of these features a reality:

  • Simple configuration options for indexing and searches based on title, document type, time and customized fields.
  • Storage of any file format including images, word processing files, spreadsheets, engineering documents, email etc.
  • Document revision and copy control.
  • Unlimited folders and drawers for organizing files.
  • Security settings for users, groups and files.
  • Permanent storage and archiving of files on CD ROM disks.
  • Quick viewing of documents regardless of format.

AEDIS seamlessly controls the storage, retrieval, display and editing of file types created by any program. It's simple design will help you quickly input, store and retrieve electronic documents. AEDIS also provides permanent offline data storage and protects your information with automatic disaster recovery.

The AEDIS system is easy to use and to implement. This eliminates the need for lengthy and costly training sessions. It provides users with one uncomplicated interface that manages permanently archived files and the active files that are edited on a daily basis. It does its job quickly and efficiently and then gets out of the way so that users can get their work done.

ILT's EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) is an advanced system that enables businesses to reduce administrative costs by eliminating paper waste and increasing the organizational structure of documents. It also increases the efficiency of data storage, retrieval and archival processes and thus increases productivity and business revenue.

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