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Converts a variety of raster file formats to and from the ISO-8613 file format MIL-28002A and MIL-28002B (TRIF). TRIF output is a full size TRIF file and (optionally) an averaged A4 sized overview file. Conversion of HPGL and other vector formats to TRIF is also supported. Vector format conversion may be used, for example, to import rasterized CAD files into a document imaging system.

The function of the AEDIS Conversion Server�� is to provide conversion capabilities that can deal with a wide variety of raster formats from various scanners and other sources and produce raster outputs compatible with specific print and plot devices. The Conversion Server may be invoked via an API from a user's program, or directly on the UNIX (or NT) command line. It can also be invoked from within shell scripts, simplifying integration into any required environment.

TRIF Benefits
Ad-hoc industry and proprietary standards do not have strict modification rules and may be implemented without systematic validation. In contrast, TRIF is an ISO standard which is regulated by an international committee, and satisfies a wide range of requirements. By basing the conversion engine on an ISO standard, the ILT Conversion Server guarantees that any format successfully processed by the conversion engine is available in an ISO standard format. This assures that all formats processed by the ILT Conversion Server may be recovered indefinitely. An additional benefit to using a single format as the kernel of the conversion engine is the reduction in the number of conversion utilities required to convert between formats.

Supported Formats
Raster formats currently supported include:

  • CALS, MIL-R-28002, Type I (Group IV)
  • CALS, MIL-R-28002, Type II - TRIF (Tiled Raster Interchange Format)
  • ISO-8613, Open Document Architecture - TRIF
  • TIFF - Tagged Image File Format (Group III, Group IV, Packbits)
  • C4 - Navy EDMICS
  • PCX, DCX - Paintbrush Image Format
  • SUN Raster
  • VAX Raster
  • Others per customer's request

Vector Formats supported include (Vector to Raster only):

  • HPGL
  • CGM

The Conversion Server is available in two versions:

  • RPC Server: The RPC Server version allows RPC calls and multiple processes
  • Standalone: The Standalone version may be run as single process only, on one machine.

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