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Call Management Server
The Call Management Server offers "web browser"-managed call services. This allows not only for easy administration but also centralizes control, scheduling, and notification features. Basic operations can be configured as a PBX (with extensions) for corporate-oriented operations or as a direct-inward-dialing (DID) configuration for individual number operation. Messages are accessible in a voice-mail, fax or e-mail formats accessible from web or phone. Extensions, Follow-me, and call waiting are all configurable from web-interfaces.

Our convergent call management works for incoming, outgoing, and switched calls in either PSTN or VoIP (H.323) networks. It in addition to enabling real-time connections, it also terminates calls for voice-mail or fax. It originates calls for "active messages", which are non-real time outbound messages scheduled for notification, collaborating them in both real-time and non-real-time at the customer's desecration.

Incoming fax or voice calls are detected and routed appropriately as configured by the administrator or user. In particular, fax detection forwards to a fax (or a user's inbox), and voice is routed to an "operator", auto-attendant, or direct contact number (follow-me style). Audio menus can be built or configured using VXML to enhance navigation. Web-based application generator tools make menu creation fast and easy, resulting in menus that are highly flexible and configurable for administrators of the system.

  • PSTN and VoIP convergence
  • Advanced call services such as follow-me, call screening, call transfer
  • Configurable by web and phone
  • Unified Inbox for fax, voice, e-mail messages
  • Access to e-mail via text to speech
  • Active and inter Active messaging
  • Voice-recognition and verification as well as DTMF navigation
  • VXML based telephony tier
  • Group message broadcast (fax, e-mail, voice Active or interActive message)
  • Receptionist and automatic call distribution
  • Dialup to a "company"(with extensions) or "individual" (with DID)
IVR (InterActive Voice Response)
IVR is incorporated into our Web Based Call Center and Financial Alert applications. The IVR as a solution is customized for each usage based on customer and business demand.

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