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Call Forwarding
This feature allows consumers to specify a list of alternate numbers where they can be reached if they are not at the default number.

Call Filtering
This is a powerful feature giving consumers the ability to treat calling persons differently, based on caller id.

Call Screening
This feature allows you the choice to reject a call and redirect it to voice mail.

Call Waiting
This feature gives you the option of receiving a second call while you are on the line. I.e "Double-line"

Call Hold
This feature gives you the option of putting someone on hold and not loose the call.

Call Transfer
This feature allows for transfers between different extensions. Great for the Enterprise environment.

Three-Way Calling
This feature allows three people to simultaneously talk from separate lines or locations.

Last Number Redial
This is a simple feature that automatically stores the last number dialed for easy retrieval later.

Caller ID
This allows you to see the number and name of the person calling and allows you the choice of answering or not.

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