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Your company has a unique way of doing business. With the AEDIS system your business rules and processes are imple-mented electronically to improve performance and reduce costs. The DOCUDEX Configuration Manager (DXC) allows you to easily and cost effectively adapt the system to suit your business processes. It provides the technological basis for a flexible, responsive, and competitive company. You need to share documents, blueprints, and raw data within your company, but your departments operate around the globe, and follow different rules and processes. DXC allows them to operate with their own rules intact and share information while maintaining data and process integrity.


  • Links information systems between departments

  • Reduce copying and distribution costs

  • Instant access to your files around the world

  • Customizable security

  • Customizable to reflect your business rules

  • Preserves integrity of data and investment in legacy systems

  • Multimedia enabled: Handles all file types

  • Communicates with any SQL database

  • Scalable from a single department to enterprise-wide

Enterprise integration such as this typically requires expensive custom coding. The AEDIS System encapsulates this code in the DOCUDEX (DX) Module, which is flexible enough to be easily customized using DXC.

The AEDIS DOCUDEX module is the distributed database information manager. It is the "Intelligent Hub" of the system and acts as the communication channel between the user and existing databases distributed across a network. DOCUDEX can regulate relationships within a tree of databases, archives, and input and output devices. It works in tandem with the user interface manager, DXIM, and other AEDIS modules to provide a wide variety of data and work-flow management schemes.

Since AEDIS system configuration is controlled by the DOCUDEX Module alone, system management is greatly simplified. DXC is a GUI 4th Generation Language (4GL) Tool that allows generation of DOCUDEX hubs related to a database designed to match the corporate culture. With DXC, the system administrator can configure data-entry windows, error checking, select lists, user help, and integrate third party software directly into the DXIM user interface. DXC is also used to configure multiple levels of security rules to control access to data archives.

DXC Features

  • Create and configure data entry fields

  • Configure search methods

  • Specify error checking and default data fields

  • Define and edit select lists as data entry aids

  • Define allowed file types to be managed

  • Integrate X, MS-Windows, and Macintosh applications into the DXIM user interface

  • Configure search result displays and headers

  • Configure access permissions of users and groups to applications and files

  • Define and create database indexes to enhance system performance


  • Oracle Configuration Supported: RDBMS version 7.0 and 7.1, Oracle Server, SQL Plus, Pro C 1.x
  • .
  • UNIX Versions Supported: Sun Solaris 2.x, Sun OS 4.1.x, HP UX 9.05, DG/UX 5.4.2, IBM AIX 3.2, SGI IRIX 5.2
  • .
  • C-Compiler/Development Option: X11 R5, Motif 1.2.x

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