NASA Hubble Space Telescope
Provides web access to over 8 million pages of documents and 100,000 engineering drawings for support of the Hubble Space Telescope repair and maintenance missions.

NASA Space Shuttle Site

  JCI (Japan Communications Inc.)
Providse mobile solutions for the corporate world. Third largest ISP in Japan.

JCI Home Page

  Samsung Techwin
Manage millions of technical drawings and documents for the Korean F-16 Fighter Program.

Samsung Home Page


TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company)
Support information management needs for TEPCO group of companies.
-Toden, TTNet


TEPCO Home Page

Implemented a CALS-based document management solution in the engineering of the 4WD Galloper. Facilitated Technical Data Interchange (TDI) of engineering documents among suppliers and contractors.


Nippon CALS


  General Dynamics Land Systems
LS Division: Set standards for the management of aperture cards, CAD files, large format engineering drawings, change orders and invoices for the military.

  Bay Area Rapid Transit
Construction management for the BART extensions.

BART Home Page

  General Electric Medical Systems
Provided the world's first Web based global information management system connecting Europe, Asia, and USA.
  GE Medical Home Page

Partnered with Brightpoint to market and sell our Smart Pay System in the Middle East.
  Brightpoint HomePage

Lucky Goldstar

SK Telecommunications

Tokyo Metropolitan Office

Japan Defense Agency

Japan Sewage Works Agency



Brooktrout technology Inc. - Partner

Syncomm - Partner

China Telecom

US Department of National Defense

Rockwell International

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