InterLinear Technology
Telecommunication & Multimedia Information

InterLinear Technology seeks to become the dominant global provider of e-Business solutions that enable access to information regardless of conduit, connectivity, data format, hardware architecture, location, or technology.

Our goal is to achieve the true "end to end" solution that will allow partners to share information without consideration for communication or system compability.

In short ILT aspires to nothing less than becoming the conduit through which the e-business industry communicates.

Recent news
ILT will launch "Repong"
The new most disruptive concept for "Advertisement Industry", "Mobile App Developers", "Coupon Industry" and "Mobile users". Customer "life style" can be matched with brands, as well as "repetitive and positive" experience reinforcement with brand idetification.
ILT Partners with KCC Information and Communication to Deliver Call Center Solution to Korean Post Office
Utilizing sophisticated, interactive Web-based technology, ILT recently implemented a Web-Based Call Center with the Korean Post Office. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Web technologies as well as computer telephony integration (CTI) continue to provide online and telephone banking access to thousands of post office users.